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Gift Certificates


GIFT CERTIFICATES are the PERFECT GIFT for any occasion!!

Purchase gift card on!

New Patients:

45 Minute Massage ($40)

75 Minute Massage ($70)

Existing Patients:

30 Minute Massage ($40)

60 Minute Massage ($70)

90 Minute Massage ($95)


You may also purchase "MASSAGE MONEY" which can be used for any service or package. Starting at only $25!


Delivery Options:

Gift Now: Enter recipient's email

Gift Later: Print at home or email to yourself 


Elegant, professional-quality certificates are also available and can be picked up or mailed directly to you or your recipient


Call or text (812) 660-2270 if you have questions!

Purchase in person at Tieman Chiropractic & Rehabilitation


Gift Certificate Expiration Policy

Gift Certificates are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

18 months after purchase date, the monetary value of the certificate is reduced by 50%. 

24 months after purchase date, the certificate is EXPIRED and has no monetary value.

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